Potato Grass

Potato grass, fork grass, coarse bush grass, Bahia grass, pasture grass, Gramão



Scientific Name: Paspalum notatum

Synonymy: Paspalum distachium, Paspalum saltense

Popular Name: Potato grass, fork grass, coarse bush grass, Bahia grass, pasture grass, Gramão

Family: Poaceae

Division: Angiosperm

Origin: Brazil

Life Cycle: Perennial

Cultivate: Bahia (Batatais Grass)

Leafhopper: Resistant

Form of Growth: Rhizomatoza / Crawling

Height: 0.2 to 0.3 meters

Palatability: High

Drought Tolerance: Medium

Cold Tolerance: Medium

Annual Precipitation: Above 800mm

Use: Lawns/Erosion Control

Soil Fertility: Medium/Low

Planting Depth: 1 to 2 cm

Planting: 15 g/m2

Grama Batatais has long, firm, light green leaves. It is rhizomatous, that is, the stem is below the ground and leaves the leaves upward. It is recommended for soccer fields, public gardens and places with traffic, due to its resistance and rusticity. It should be trimmed whenever it reaches 3 to 5 cm or when it blooms. Commonly sold in the form of boards or plugs. It can be cultivated in poorer soils, with biannual fertilization and regular watering, although it has some resistance to drought. It is not suitable for shaded or semi-shade situations, and must be kept in full sun.


We recommend this grass for: Football fields, gardens in general and places with a lot of traffic, due to its resistance and rusticity the species offers fast regeneration. It must be trimmed whenever it reaches 3 to 5 cm.

Due to its abundant root system, the species offers excellent natural containment of ravines, slopes and hills. Widely used for these purposes throughout the national territory. The species fortifies and helps prevent landslides.


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