Pensacola Grass

Paspalum notatum



Scientific Name: Paspalum notatum

Cultivate: Pensacola

Soil Fertility: Fertile

Growth Form: Rhizomatous

Height: 30 to 50 cm

Use: Horses and cattle

Drought tolerance: Medium

Cold Tolerance: Medium

Crude Protein in M.S.: 10 to 11%

Consortium: Calopogonion / Perennial Soybean

Planting depth: 1 to 2 cm

Vegetative Cycle: Perennial

Dry Matter – ha/Year: 05 to 07 ton

Leafhopper: Resistant

Annual Precipitation: Above 700 mm

Planting: 30 kg/hectare

Recommended for the formation of pastures, lawns, slope conservation, erosion control, it is able to establish itself and produce well throughout the Brazilian territory, especially in the formation of paddocks for raising horses, calves, sheep, among others.

Grama Pensacola, has HIGH RESISTANCE TO TRAVELING, is indicated for direct grazing, haymaking, horses, cattle and for airstrips for airplanes, produces approximately 5 to 7 tons of dry mass per ha per year, has GOOD RESISTANCE TO DROUGHT AND AO COLD.

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