Ochroleuca Crotalaria

Crotalaria ochroleuca



Known as: Crotalaria-ochroleuca

Scientific name: Crotalaria ochroleuca

Kg per hectare: 25 kg per hectare.

Family: Fabaceae (Legumosa)

Utilities: It is used in soybean succession in areas with mixed infestation of root-knot nematodes and root lesions, especially Pratylenchus brachyurus. It has good biomass production and nitrogen fixation, and is also recommended for the recovery of degraded soils.

Growth: Upright Shrub

Characteristics: It is an annual spring-summer legume with a relatively long cycle. It is aggressive and rustic, resistant to adverse weather and soil conditions because of the deep roots that break through the dense layers of soil.

Cycle until flowering: 120 – 150 days

Vegetative cycle: 120 – 150 days

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