Brizantha MG-4

Brachiaria brizantha – synonymy: Urochloa brizantha



Scientific name: Brachiaria brizantha – synonymy: Urochloa brizantha

Cultivate: MG-4

Origin: Tropical Africa

Soil recommendations: for medium fertility, sandy and acidic soils Use: for direct grazing or haymaking

Form of growth: decumbent clump

Height: From 1.0 to 1.50m

Use: for direct grazing or haymaking

Digestibility: Good

Palatability: Good

Rainfall: Above 800 mm annually

Drought tolerance: Good

Cold tolerance: Good

Protein content in M.S.: 9 to 11%

Planting depth: 1 to 2cm

Vegetative cycle: Perennial

Forage production: 10 to 12 t/ha/year of dry matter (M.S.)

Pasture leafhopper: Medium resistance

Intercropping: All legumes


MG-4 Can be used for direct grazing and haymaking, recommended for breeding, rearing and fattening animals. The management of MG-4 in rotational grazing areas should occur every 25 to 30 days at most or when the plant height reaches 60 to 80 cm, during the hot and rainy season and from 45 to 50 days in winter (cold and dry), in both cases from 1 to 5 days of grazing. In continuous grazing the grazing height should not be less than 15 to 20 cm.