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Aveia Preta

Aveia Preta

 "Black Oats"

Scientific name: Avena strigosa

Family: Poaceae

Cycle: Early.

Planting season: April to June.

Seed density: 75 to 85 kg/ha (seeding and broadcast increase by 30%)

Spacing: 17 to 30cm

Depth: 2 to 3 cm

Animal entrance: 25 to 30 cm tall

Animal removal: 10 cm.

Dry mass: 5 to 7 t/ha

Protein: 13%

Dry resistance: LOW

Palatability: HIGH

Use: Direct grazing, grains, haymaking and silage

*** Black oat is a winter grass and is best suited for cutting, it has high tillering capacity and fast growth. It is a great producer of green pasta, rich in protein and highly appreciated by animals as a forage. Oats var. Strigosa is adapted to poorer soils and low temperatures in the tropics and is widely cultivated for forage, mainly in the Southeast and South regions.