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 "Grey Mucuna"


Known as: Mucuna-Cinza.

Scientific name: Mucuna pruriens (L.) DC.

Family: Fabaceae (Legumosa).

Kg per hectare: 70 kg per hectare.

Origin: Asia.

Utilities: Green manure, indicated for the recovery of degraded soils and areas.

Growth: Climber

Vegetative Cycle: Annual (120 to 150 days for flowering)

Characteristics: It is an annual summer and winter legume with indeterminate growth habit (climber). It controls weed development well and is a poor host for root-knot, cyst and reniform nematodes. It needs to overcome (break) the hardness of the seeds so as not to infest the area. Rustic species, undemanding in soil fertility. It is tolerant to drought, shade, high temperatures and slightly waterlogged.