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Estilosante Campo Grande

Estilosante Campo Grande


“Campo Grande Style”

Known as: Estilosante Campo Grande.

Scientific name: S. Capitata (80%) and S. Macrocephala (20%) Estilosantes Campo Grande.

Family: Legumes

Kg per hectare: 6 kg per hectare.

Origin: South America

Utilities: Grazing, Green Fertilizer.

Growth: Shrub, Semi-Erect.

Dormancy Break: The scarification of the seeds of styling agents is necessary due to the presence of an impermeable seed coat, which hinders their germination. This scarification method has advantages in terms of safety and speed in relation to the chemical (sulfuric acid) or physical (hot water) method, commonly used to overcome dormancy in forage seeds.

Germination time: Germination after 10 days depending on weather conditions.

Characteristics: Styling is a protein-rich forage that plays an important role in transforming nitrogen found in the atmosphere and biologically fixing it in the soil, reducing investments in agricultural inputs, contributing to the reduction of environmental impacts and enabling greater weight gain in animals. The animal gain in intercropping is 20% to 30% greater than in pure grass without nitrogen fertilization.

Phenology: Flowering, under the conditions of Campo Grande, MS, occurs from the second half of April. Seed maturation occurs at the end of the second half of May.